What do we teach?!:
Our classes consist of three distinct yet complimentary disciplines; Aikido, Mind-Body Development, (Japanese Yoga) and Tai-Chi with Chi-Kung. With roots in Eastern martial traditions they share many common elements, key of which is developing an in-depth understanding of the inseparable connection between mind and body.
What is Aikido?
Aikido is a modern non-competitive ‘martial’ art based on classical budo/ bujutsu (Japanese fighting arts). Practise consists of working with a training partner(s) on pre-determined sequences of movements which represent martial techniques derived from those practised by the ‘samurai’ of feudal Japan. Aikido contains no competitive element and the techniques are primarily a method of ‘self development’, and secondarily form a complex system of self defense and a means of promoting physical health and well being.
What is Toitsu Do/ Japanese Yoga/ Mind-Body Development/ Ki Development?
Partnered with the Aikido classes are the Toitsu-Do (the way of [mind-body] co-ordination) classes, more commonly known as Japanese yoga or ‘ki’ development. This study forms the framework of the Aikido techniques and involves developing an in depth understanding of the mind-body connection through meditation and breathing exercises, flexibility training, ‘ki’ development exercises and ‘ki’ (bio-feedback) testing. The ‘ki system’ has been developed as a systematic method of bringing the mind and body into a state of Co-ordinated activity and harmonious action, enhancing our balance and stability, mental flexibility and focus at rest and in action. Working with the four ‘ki principles’; centered-ness, extension of ki, relaxation and ‘weight underside’ we learn to embody a state of mind-body unity which provides us with a skillful means of maximising our potential in every facet of our daily lives and improving¬† physical health and mental well being.
What is Tai-Chi & Chi-Kung?
Tai Chi & Chi Kung have their roots in ancient Taoist practises and traditional Chinese martial arts. Consisting of static postures, mindfulness in movement, flexibility training, meditation and breath awareness exercises, the emphasis in training is on developing and sustaining mental and physical well being through a varied series of gentle exercises and formalised sequences of movement.